Where does this screw go?

This screw (appears to be about 8 mm long) appeared on the table of my Shapeoko XXL.
Where does it go?

I would check the back side of your X and z carriage for missing screws.

if you have a dewalt router, the bottom of the router has 2 screws similar to that one as well


Doesn’t look like that, they are all larger

I have a Makita router

Do what I do put it in a bucket sooner or later something will let you know where it goes…:joy:if is black its the z carriage or router…

It’s pretty small - Silver
Driving me nuts, don’t see a single screw this size

It looks like one that drove me nuts for a while that turned out to be from my Suck-it dust shoe. It was one of the three holding the thin plastic throat adapter. Screws up from the bottom so it wasn’t obvious.


Yes!!! That was it, it was driving me mad! Thanks

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