Where is beta,It’s no longer available

Hi all, was excited when I saw some new features thru the beta. However, it says not available. Is it apart of an update. Thanks Tom🍀

It’s been released to production. https://carbide3d.com/carbidecreate/download/

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Thanks so much! Very helpful! :+1:t2::four_leaf_clover:

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Need a little more help, I downloaded the Beta onto my MAC and it is asking to replace older version. I thought I could add as a second file. Can I do that and if so, how?
I do have Create Pro and I am scared to lose files.

We have moved the 648 version which was in beta to stable.

Will, Thanks. Could you explain what that means. I am not a tech guy and just want to make sure Im good. Does this mean its an updated version?

When a version is first released, it is made available as an open beta.

If it tests out and won’t be replaced by a new beta in the near future it is moved to stable.

CC648 downloaded as a beta, and CC648 downloaded from the main download page are the same program. Some shops do it differently, but that is how Carbide Create and Motion are handled.

Just rename the previous version of Create. I keep several on my machine.
For instance: “Carbide Create - 648” “Carbide Create - 645”
The default when installed is simply “Carbide Create”


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