Where is pin D11

I’m looking for pin D11 on a 2.4 board any help would be great.

I am not saying I know what you need, but I think according to another program’s controller setup the D11 pin on an audrino board is for PWM and maybe the PWM pin is what you are looking for. See pictures:

this next is the upper right corner of my 2.4d controller board, see the PWM pin far upper right:

Hope it’s what you need, but I don’t know and am not saying it is. FWIW


That’s what I thought. I’m trying to control spindle speed through CM. Thanks

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Would the PWM be useful if I only have the makita router or could it move the router positionally (not speed control) ? Wondering but don’t know what I’m wondering about…

Well right now the PWM will only bring my spindle up to 12000rpm instead of 24000. I had a potentiometer hooked up and the manual said to run it to 10 volt. Is that maybe my problem?

There are electronic boards which allow control of a trim router as if it’s a spindle — two options:

  • relays allow on/off by toggling the AC voltage on/off
  • VFDs/PIDs allow direct control including speed — the Makita is supposed to be too space-constrained for this

More at: https://shapeoko.com/wiki/index.php/Spindle_Control

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