Where is the tool library stored?

I typically do my design on my desktop computer then use dropbox or network shares to make those files available to a laptop in my shop. I’d like to set it up so my tool library in CC is shared as well, any insight on where it’s stored? Didn’t notice it in appdata\roaming\cardibe3d

On windows I believe it is stored in the registry :frowning: This is not the first request to have an open and portable tool file. I believe you will have to create the same tools on all machines until someone (@robgrz) creates a sync app or changes how CC saves tool data.

Thanks, that’s unfortunate. Having to re-enter stuff isn’t a major problem but it just increase the chances of a mistake occurring.

In Windows, open the Registry Editor (regedit), find the hive that has the tool settings, right click on the hive and select export. Export the settings to a .Reg file. Take the .Reg file to your other machine, and import it. You should be able to double click the .reg file and it will be added into the registry. Or open Regedit, and click File, Import, select the Reg file and you should have your tools on both PCs.

**Edit - I have no idea if this will work correctly, but if it is stored on the registry it should. I’m not sure if this works between different versions of Windows, so to be safe make a backup of your registry before attempting.

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Dustin thanks! I’m familiar with working in regedit but had assumed it would be in some xml file somewhere I could sync more easily. Can do this with a few batch files but definitely will look out for any changes carbide3d makes.

It looks like in 413 they now have a settings.ini file. This file contains some values sved from run to run. It also contains the user defined tools.
It is located C:\Users<user>\appdata\local\carbide 3D\carbide create


In the latest versions, go to Help->About and there should be an Open Data Directory button.


Finding the data directory under menu option Help/About seems very non intuitive indeed to me… lol. Who would think to look there!

Why not put it under File/Data Directory as a suggestion? Or until such time as you have Preferences or Settings menu?

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I am new, in fact I am still waiting for my XL Pro to be delivered. I had a similar concern as I will use two systems too. I created a new library named TEST having no tools within it and then found the file that was created in the AppData (I just assumed it would be there and it was) and copied a CVS for Amana bits which I found on line to that folder. I then started carbide create and the Amana tools were listed. So I assume I can create a CVS manually and just add the CVS. I do not have those tools so I will delete that file but use it as a template for creating a new library as i purchase bit sets.

You have already created a tool set in CC so your situation is different. The tools you create should be in a CSV file in C:\Users\XYX\AppData\Local\Carbide 3D\Carbide Create\tools. Just copy that to the same directory on the second system and then open Carbide Create. Obviously you substitute XYX with your user name on the system.

I hope this works for you. As stated I have not even used the program yet so I could be a bit off.