Where is the tutorial file for the "Toolchanges, Offsets, and Homing" tutorial?

(Kevin Braun) #1

Hi, Can someone tell me where the file is for:

It should be on that page…

Thank you.


(William Adams) #2

AFAICT, there’s no file to download – the idea is it’s so simple one can just draw it up, or, replace the drawing w/ one’s own project.

(Kevin Braun) #3

Hi Will, on the face of it, maybe. But there are only two tutorials for this tool, and this one is subtitled "The most comprehensive tutorial you will ever find about homing, job zero, and creating a repeatable offset with Carbide Motion."
The verbiage says to "Follow along."
It would have been handy to be able to follow along.


(mark robinson) #4

soon as you were to open carbide create theres a file to follow along but here is a square if needed square.c2d (1.7 KB)

(Kevin Braun) #5

Kind of you Mark, thank you for taking the time.


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