Where to buy Datron, Alternatives?

Where can I buy a Datron #0068804X? All I see is direct from Datron, through email? And Datron users, how long might it take for this to come?

And are there any alternatives to this end mill that might be easier to get? I need 4mm cut diameter, 6mm shank, single flute. This will be (hopefully) used to adaptive cut .250" deep slots in aluminum.

This morning I found this at Amazon:

It’s 4mm shank. Would rigidity be a concern - am I better off with a larger diameter shank?

I’m sure there are others who can comment further, but in my experience a single flute 4mm endmill is plenty rigid for cuts that deep.

That being said, I would do it in multiple depths. say 2mm DOC x 3 passes with 0.2mm stock to leave, then a finishing contour path on each wall, also finishing the floor to final depth, and a final pass along the centre to tidy up the floor.

you * may * be able to do it in a single pass but above is how I would do it.

I can’t speak for that endmill, buy a few and test them out!

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