Where to get an 80mm spindle mount?

I recently got a new 80mm water cooled spindle but after 2 mounts I still cannot attach it to the z plus. I know carbide makes a mount and I would buy it but it is out of stock. Where else can I get an 80mm spindle mount that will work with the z plus?

Note that the HD spindle mounts (65mm and 80mm) only work with the HDZ — they won’t fit the Z-Plus — we recommend folks using spindles get an HDZ.

Then how should I attach an 80mm spindle to the z plus? Or do I have to use the hdz?

The hdz will handle the weight better.

With that said you can always drill and tap one of the cheap mounts that come with the spindle.

I did that but the problem is all the mounts I have are too thick and so cover bolts and makes it impossible to fasten.

You would need the HDZ not a Z-plus for an 80mm spindle as they are very heavy. If you dropped down to a .8kw 65mm spindle the Z-plus would be fine but you will be punishing the lead nut on that Z plus with a 80mm spindle.

If you go with the HDZ and HD mount buy a cheap feeler gauge set off Amazon and take it apart and use the needed gauge behind the HD mount to get the perfect tram in the Y axis.


Ok I guess I need an hdz because I already have the spindle. Thank you for the tip about traming. Do you know if carbide 3D could send a cheaper kit without some of the parts I already have like the improved limit switches; Or any other way to make it cheaper. also is there a good way to sell the z plus because I think it is too late to return as I have already installed it?

Contact them.
I am convinced that the support there will work with you to accomplish your goals.

such an efficient idea.

I have been thinking about moving to a spindle specifically a 1.5 kW mainly for the added RPM range, control and quietness. Not sure if it’s must have or if I can just get with an 800 watt? The money difference is pretty small between the two. Most of the options seem to be China made and relatively inexpensive. Is there a recommended name brand or does it really matter?

I have upgraded to a Z plus on my standard Shapeoko and I am currently running the DW611. I realize the Spindle is smaller so I would need some kind of shim or reducer sleeve. Is there any info on this?

Thoughts or opinions? Thanks.

For a long while we’ve been bundling a 65mm spindle adapter ring for our stock 69mm mount. If you need one, drop us a line at support@carbide3d.com and we’ll work out how to get one to you.

That said, for folks who want to use spindles we recommend the HDZ and the HD spindle mounts which are available in 65 and 80mm diameter.

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Ha, It’s been a long while since I bought my S3, I understand you guys are recommending an HDZ for spindle use but I just moved to the Z plus, I didn’t have the budget for the HDZ. I thought I read in this thread where one could get away with using a smaller kW spindle with the Z plus. Is it a weight thing or is it something else?

I am looking down the same rabbit hole. From what I have read on it, seems like 800 watt (less weight) water-cooled but hard to find a 4-bearing unit. I may have to go to 1000 watt to get a 4 bearing unit.
Whatever you chose pay attention to the number of bearings.

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Have you found anything yet?

I have looked and found a few. They are not too pricey, but not the cheaper ones either.
From what I read here, most anything over around 1000 watts is overkill for the machines mechanical limitations and then you figure the added weight, that is what has me looking for the smallest 3 bearing water cooled I can find, 3 bearing units are generally larger/heavier. Not saying this is the golden key or the best thing to do, just weight vs performance along with longevity. I am thinking water cooled to reduce noise and down draft. Most of the 110 volt units are 2 bearing and not my preference. I can run a 220 volt supply, but would like to stay at 110/120. I have created my own delima on this. Cant be of much help…
Japanese Bearings or German. Water cooled.

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You can get up to 1.5kw at 65mm.
The spindle mount at 80 is just where the issues starts, it’s also harder to find good dust shoes at that size.

Personally, I’d try hard to stay at 65mm… the only thing you give up is er20 collets (so you’re limited to 8mm diameter)…

1.5kw or even 1.1 is almost all cases more than enough


G-Penny has a 4 bearing 110v 0,8kw spindle in 65mm.

G-Penny spindle.

One of my 2,2kw spindles is a G-Penny and so far I’m quite happy with it.


Unless you are pushing your feeds milling aluminum or hard woods 800w will be plenty.

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Mainly wood at this point although some hardwoods are used! The maine reason for the upgrade would be noise and RPM control not so much aggressive cutting.

Does G Penny have a combo they sell with spindle, pump, VFD and control cable? I didn’t see one and the labeling on the spindle makes it confusing. The link you posted shows the spindle is a 220 vac.