Where to put the darn thing. *%$#

(Loren Baric) #1

My first concern when I decided to purchase the XL was where to put the darn thing. My garage is out of space.
No more room on the floor so the only way to go was UP. I found a place that sold an adjustable workbench frame (79.00) that can be set up for up to a 42 height and will hold a 28 x 70 inch top. This works perfectly for my XL with extra room for the laptop. I tried some casters and they did not work very well so I bought a set of appliance rollers, mounted on a 2 x 4 that attach the two legs together.

Works perfectly, I can store my XL on top of my table saw and roll it out forward when I need to use it. Or just use it where it is if I don’t need the table saw



(Loren Baric) #2

Here’s where I got the work bench frame


These are similar to the appliance rollers I used. I mounted a 2x4 to attach the front and back leg on each side. Then drilled holes and attached the appliance rollers to the 2x4.
You can roll forward or backward easily.

(KSLE Pilot) #3

I went totally the other way. I have an unused bedroom and found a second-hand commercial baker’s table in stainless steel. I paid $50 at a garage sale. The lower shelf is great for material storage and by gluing some foam to the underside of the top, really keeps noise very low. You wouldn’t think that a huge plate of steel would be quiet, but the sheer mass dampens out most noise and the insulating foam takes care of the rest.