Where to source brass blanks for milling stamps

I am looking to mill stamps for foil stamping leather. Where does one source brass blanks for milling on the Nomad? I am looking for something 1/4" thick in various sizes up to 2.5" x 1".

We’ll need to know approximately where you’re located in order to help. I buy my metals from a company in Switzerland but that likely doesn’t make sense for you.


In the U.S., while there are displays of various metals at most hobby and hardware stores sourced from K&S Engineering, they usually don’t go past 1/8" thick.

If you have a local metal supply shop you should be able to purchase “drops” from them at near scrap prices.

If you have a Fastenal nearby, they have 1/4" thick stock 1" wide:

(and various other widths and thicknesses)

As does Grainger:

(and in an assortment of lengths which are more affordable)

Before ordering, check the alloy to ensure that they are workable on the Nomad w/ the tooling you’ll be using.

There’s also Onlinemetals or McMaster-Carr, but there should be a Fastenal or Grainger w/in driving distance which will save on shipping.

In addition to the above sources, there’s always McMaster-Carr. Usually more expensive, but almost always in stock.

And Online Metals as well.

EDIT: And MidwestSteel.

I live in Vancouver Canada, but have a locker in the US I can ship to easily.

Amazing! Thanks everyone for your help. I will see if I can make this work. Completely new to the CNC world.

Hey! Another Vancouverite! Metal Supermarkets is my local supplier. Several locations and local delivery.

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This is exactly what I was looking for - thanks!

I got my brass from Metal Supermarkets as well. not the best prices, but having the ability to go pick it up same day I want it is a big plus.

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Xometry also sells raw stock. I’m not sure where they source their stuff from, nor are their prices the best in town. However there seems to be a reasonable selection of shapes, sizes, and alloys to work with.

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