Where to start?

Hi everyone. First of all I am new to the forum but also VERY new to the world of CNC.
I put my Shapeoko 3 together, loaded the programs and hocked everything up.
But where do I go from here. I was hoping for a user guide or something that guides me through the process. Trial and error is not really my thing and I would rather following some instructions to get going. I was actually pretty confident the kit would come with some kind of manual or the software would have tutorials in it. But I am looking and looking and kind find any. do they not exist or am I looking in all the wrong places? I am eager to get going and explore this new world but it seems I need some guidance for my first steps.


I understand your frustration that there is no user guide… but let us surprise you with how helpful everyone is on the forums!

What do you want to start off trying to do?

Here is a tutorial on how to zero your machine (same rules apply for SO3)

Here is a tutorial on how to import an STL file into Meshcam and create some GCode

Here is the project that a lot of us started off doing as our first cut:

Here is the first 2.5d cut that most of us did to start off:

Any questions - fire away!

Well, there’s a wiki: http://www.shapeoko.com/wiki/index.php/Main_Page

Is there something you’re looking for that you’re not finding on the wiki? Suggestions for changes or improvements?