Where's my spindle?

new to the community with my first question
about a week ago I received a small box from carbide 3d with clamps and stuff

today, I received my new 4x2 5 pro and spent 3 hours building it
but to my amazement, the VFD spindle was not included in either box

Does the VFD spindle ship separately?
Where’s my VFD Spindle…Im ready to start making !!!

regards, Rick

Did they send you multiple tracking numbers? I would suspect it is coming separately.

no i only received one tracking number for the two big boxes

just wondering if anyone had the same thing happen
or if the spindles are on back order

Regards, Rick

Well, when I ordered my machine, the VDF spindle came in it’s own box by itself. I got my machine (4x4 5 Pro) in two different boxes. I had another small box with the endmills, and holdings. The spindle came a few days later by itself.

It took you about 3 hours to put your machine together? That’s good, because it took me 3 days to get mine all in order and together, but I did take my time and route wires in ways that I felt comfortable with them being tucked away. I also ran into a little trouble with the wire harnesses, the Y wire guard having been wired backwards, which I had to open and flip the wires. Not a big deal until I had to remove the screws for the plastic bracket and then rescrew it back down again. Problem was I broke the bracket when the guard fell off the rail and took the bracket with it. So, I decided instead of calling Carbide 3D for a replacement bracket, I made a new one out of aluminum angle.

But everything else was a piece of cake until I found out that I connected my small power button house wire in the wrong port and couldn’t get power to my unit until I switched the cabin to the right port. All is good now. But your spindle will come soon I’m sure, unless it is on back order, in which case, making a phone call to the company to follow up on the order status could help. Be mindful though, they are pretty busy and it might be a day or two before they reach back out to you. Just need some patience.

Also, welcome to the community. In the meantime, while you are waiting, dive into Carbide Create and start learning the program as much as you can, if you are not familiar with these types of programs.


Mine came in two shipments. The machine was 2 of 2 it came from one warehouse, The rest was another ship and came from another warehouse.

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Thanks “Bigsmooth911”

Funny I had put my RY harness bracket on backward (Not reading the “R” and “L” symbols)
and when I started the machine the “Z” axis came crashing down on my wire harness…
But didn’t hurt anything just had to switch the brackets from Left to Right and all fixed !!!

OK I will just have to wait for this VFD box to ship *(Hope Monday)

I just sold my Sign and vehicle wrap shop of 20 years and bought smaller retirement equipment!
I am fluent in Adobe, Light burn, Flexi Sign and others so I will be creating in Adobe and learning

Best regards, Rick


The VFD spindles ship separately.

I believe we’re waiting on boards and am hopeful that they will go out soon.

For the meanwhile, pick up a Makita RT0701 locally? It would at least let you get cutting w/ a 1/4" tool.

Note that:

  • the shorter cord would need to be run up to the ceiling and secured/connected to power safely there
  • the control layout is different from ours and the dial lacks detents and may vibrate off a given speed setting
  • the stock collet is only okay and is 1/4" (in most locales, in some it’s 6mm)
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I wish I would have known that so I could have just paid for the Carbide 3d router

Maybe for the next guy (gall) that purchases a Shapeoko customer service should let them know about the delay

Regards, Rick

With drop shipping from other companies for parts that a particular company sells, not every aspect of the company would know the other departments are on a backlog of orders, or are waiting for a particular part to show up for assembly. The nice thing about our machines is that they can be retrofitted with a router instead of a spindle if need be. The nice thing about a spindle though is durability and noise reduction.

Retirement opens up new doors for opportunities, if one decides to pursue them. Hope your endeavors in the world of table top CNC machining pays off for you.


So you tease us with a build announcement but don’t show your shop setup? What a tease! :wink:


Rick- Did you get your spindle yet? I’m finished with my setup too and ready to make dust. BTW- The db difference between the carbide 3d router and the spindle is a big advantage.

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Oh Yes i go it two mondays ago and have been busy making all kinds of things
I really love how easy this machine is and how easy Carbide Create and Carbide Motion is to use
Best regards, rick