Which Router to purchase

(Michael Oakley) #1

im going to buy Shapeoko 3 for 3d contour projects. Which router is recommended?

(Richard Cournoyer) #2

Do you mean out of a list of EVERY router in the entire existence of mankind…or of the two trim routers (offered: Makita and DeWalt)?

Here is my take on the latter: They are both great machines!

DeWalt: Has a longer warranty (3 yrs vs 1)
Makita: Has a better speed range (10k to 30k) vs (16k to 30k)
Makita has a better after market collet selection 1/8 to 3/8
Makita has a lower price $99 vs $139
Makita is a little quieter at 10k rpm vs the DeWalt at 16k

I got more (USB) disconnects with the DeWalt

Yes I own both, I used the DeWalt for year one, then the Makita came on the market. I switched over the the Makita because I do a LOT of metal machining and the 10k really helps me with (a) longer too life and (b) less noise = happier neighbors.

So I stay with the Makita (2.3 years plus of use), same brushes, ZERO problems. I do know that someday it will wear out (I as I am a HARD user) and just this week I purchased a 2nd Makita to sit on the shelf for just that day. (FYI: $71 eBay)

I also have a Chinese knock-off trim router and well it is a piece of Shi----.

Just my opinion…

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(William Adams) #3

To add to that, I will note that the MLCS Rocky 30 seems to be a clone of the Makita, just with a slightly different control layout and in black.

(Richard Cournoyer) #4

WIll, I thought about buy one last week, but the last thing I need to do is invent in more collets. Do you (or anyone) know if it used the EXACT collect as the Makita?

(William Adams) #5

It seems to. The original PDF manual actually shows a Makita.

(Stuart) #6

Another vote for the Makita here, I have a spare that I use for manual routing, which it works great for, so there’s always a backup.

That being said - I purchased an air cooled spindle and VFD which I currently use. This lets me start & stop the spindle in my Gcode, as well as set the rpm in Gcode. It works great. It’s chinese but has lasted me 2 years of pretty heavy use.

(mikep) #7

I’ve been very happy with my Dewalt - it works great, it’s been reliable, and satisfies my need for “Just @##!@$$# works.” I’ve got well in excess of 100 hours on it, and brushes are still in good shape. Good collets were easy to get.

(Dan Nelson) #8

I have the Dewalt running a SuperPID, works great, and worked great before I modified it too.

To me honestly I think this is like a Ford versus Chevy argument. They both have similar features, they both have some features specific to them. I bought the Dewalt back when it was the only option. I’m a Dewalt guy though, so I would have likely bought the Dewalt anyway, go figure. I however am not a big proponent of the bigger water cooled spindles, I feel they’re too heavy, that’s based on zero of my own testing though, just a gut feeling. In case you’re wondering, I have a Dewalt drill and two Makitas, haha!!


(William Adams) #9

Note that if doing a SuperPID/VFD one can get a Porter Cable 450 which may save one money — it’s essentially a DWP611 w/ no speed dial in black.

(Luc) #10

I never tried the Dewalt but I have two Makita. I have one in the CNC and I just bought a second as a trim router as I was impressed with the performance from the first one. I have purchased Dewalt and Makita tools over the years and while all the Makita still work well after many years, all my Dewalt made it to the scrap heap.

(Chris ) #11

The Rocky 30 is NOT a Makita. Its a clone. I started with the Rocky 30 it died during wasteboard leveling. MLCS was good and replaced it.

I bought a Makita to run instead. Way smoother and I can tell the power difference.

I may have gotten a lemon with the Rocky 30… Now I use the replacement doing for small router work.

(William Adams) #12

Thanks for elaborating on that.

Wonder what the internal differences are.

(Chris ) #13

Even holding the router base is in your hands side-by-side you can see & feel the differences. I read that the speed controller is very different. Not sure if thats true.

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