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Hi All, So good to re-visit you talented and generous people. I’m at the point where design-wise I know what I want to create but the challenge is which tools? My apologies if this is not an appropriate post for this discussion group and in that case fi you would please share a better group that would be appreciated. Here goes… I found a Thingiverse file Clapper board - 2 color printable by luigisvc - Thingiverse - I wondered how I might remove or prevent the printing of the “words” Roll, Scene. Take, Director, Camera and Date? I have my own words I’d like to substitute for those words but I’m not sure of the best (easiest to use) tools to swap words might be?

Also, I have a .PNG I created which worked well in MS Publisher which was then printed on a large plastic printer serving as a banner for an event I created. I’m not sure how to transform a PNG into an .stl that I could then import into this Thingiverse file? I don;t know if i can paste or upload the PNG I created to share it here? The idea is to “import” the design in that graphic I created in MS Publisher on to this scene clapper as a gift for guest panelists at the event. Thank you!

It’s just a series of STL files — you could load them into a tool such as Microsoft’s 3D Builder, but it would probably be best to just recreate.

For a PNG, you would need one which is a “depth map” where there is a logical mapping of light/dark in the image to height/depth — once you have such you can import it into Carbide Create to cut.

Again though, the easiest thing to do would be to just import a pixel image and re-create the entire thing in Carbide Create — then you could have text as text and just re-set it at need.

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