Whiskey and Cigar Enjoyment

Just finished my 4th and final cigar and whiskey trays. These are for a craft show coming up.

The glasses were bought on Amazon as well as the stainless steel ash trays. I pocketed the glass and ash tray and use 3d modeling to create the two half pipes. I applied Watco Danish Oil Natural on all 3. One is Oak and 3 are cherry.

So you get a glass, ash tray and a skull ice cube mold with each one. Now you could just put ginger ale in the glass and enjoy that.

The material was laying around the shop and I trimmed each one and just made each one as big as I could. That is an advantage of using the center for origin. As long as the pockets and half pipes fit on the material I did not have to edit the c2d file for each one. This project I used the top of material and each one is about 1.5" thick. All were sanded to 150 and then the Watco applied.


Love whiskey, never tried a cigar, but love the smell. Have you ever tried a whiskey smoker? They seem to be an interesting fad lately. How are you making the ice cube? Outsourced silicone mold?

The molds are likely bought on Amazon but I cannot remember. If you turn the mold over there is a hole and you fill with water and then freeze. The molds are two parts and pull apart.

I just saw a video the other day of someone making a smoke filled glass and put an adult beverage inside. I have not tried that but I dont drink so the thought of smoke and whiskey is not appealing to me. However smoking the cigar is very pleasurable to me. I often smoke while watching my Shapeoko run. If you have never smoked a cigar dont start. It is an expensive and bad habit. If it were not for my bad habit of smoking I would have no vices and that would be no fun. Although smoking is bad for you I could have many other vices that would be far worse.


Skip the smoker step and buy whisky from Islay :slightly_smiling_face:. An island of 3000 people and 7 distilleries, maybe more now. They smoke their barley so you dont have to. My favourite tipple.

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