Who can I contact to help setup vfd?

I need some help setting up a vfd and I don’t know who to ask. I just need to know the exact commends I need to enter to get it running and then what I need to start stop and set speed. I’ve tried for about 3-4 hours but all I got was a quarter turn and a bunch of errors.

What spindle?
What vfd?

Spindle wattage, amperage, number of poles?

If your VFD is of the Huanyang variety, you will likely find useful information in that thread (and others)

The problem is, as @quicky06 alluded to, the exact parameter values you need to use depend on the specific spindle you bought. Start by sharing as much info as you can on your VFD type and spindle, what you understood so far that you should be changing, and hopefully we will collectively be able to support you in the process of setting things up.

The vfd randomly died on me and I contacted the company. they gave me a refund. I think setting up the vfd and spindle is more work than it is worth but thank you for the support.

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