Who's using vacuum tables?

I’m thinking of buying one for smaller parts. Just curious what people are using and what types of pump are being used.

I use vacuum pods instead of a full table, which means I can use a smaller pump. I have a Gast pump that is sold as a vacuum bagging system for veneering. It works extremely well, but I’ve not used more than one pod at a time. I think three would be about the maximum this pump could support. I believe it’s a 0.6 CFM (very low)


If you have a compressor you can also try a venturi vacuum generator.

They’re super noisy though…


I have a small vacuum pump already I’m trying to find a good way to mill lots of little parts

You might find veneersupplies.com a valuable resource. https://www.veneersupplies.com/products/Podz-Vacuum-Clamping-Jigs.html . There’s a lot of information there about building vacuum systems for hold downs, etc. Also joewoodworker.com . Using info from these sites, I made some small vacuum hold downs from HDPE and the vacuum sealing tape they sell as well as the rubber seals used on canning jars.


Just ran across this:

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