Why are my c2d files now saving without any data

I have been working on a project and trying different fonts. I can design the toolpath, view the simulation and generate the Gcode file. However when I try to save the design file it saves as 1Kb of data viewed in explorer and if I then close the file in CC and then try to reopen it the file is blank - no previous setting, no data, NADA. I then have to start again at design stage rather than just being able to open the old file, change the font and try it again

I am sure I am doing nothing different to saving previous files and at a loss to know what is happening

I am using CC 648 build (for the first time) and have used earlier builds in the past.

Probably no point in attaching the c2d file as it is blank :grimacing:

I have been using v7 beta for a while. I downloaded v6 652 and created a rectangle and a tool path. Saved the file and the gcode.

I closed the application and double clicked on the file I saved and it opened a blank file. I used the open function and opened my saved file and it was all there. Is it possible that this is what is happening to you.

Here is the simple file I opened in CC 652 and saved the c2d file and gcode.

V6 652 is the latest released version of CC.

test_cc_652.c2d (6.6 KB)
test_cc_652_gcode.nc (11.6 KB)

Please send the file in to support@carbide3d.com and we’ll do our best to look into this w/ you.

The usual difficulties here are:

  • hidden file extensions — it’s not really a .c2d file — always change this default in the OS so that file extensions are shown and not hidden
  • overwriting a .c2d file w/ some other filetype when exporting


Thanks for the quick reply. Your test had a pocket cut as attached. My test file actually had some text in it when I saved it but nothing shows when I open it although the .NC gcode file appears to have data and works when I run it on the SO3


I will send the .c2d and .nc files to support as you suggest. The c2d file shows correctly in CC and converts to gcode but when I save and reopen the c2d file this is what I get.

File extensions are correct when viewed in Explorer


The thumb drive I was using to save the file to was almost FULL…not enough room to save the file. I deleted a large file from the thumb drive and everything now working OK.

Oh the shame and embarrassment


Hey stuff happens. I spent a 45 year career fixing everything from a loose nut on the keyboard to power off. Thumb drives can be tricky like that.

when I was doing PC repair, the code used most was ID10t error

Not to point fingers, I have done MORE than my share of id10T errors

You know when you point a finger at someone the other 4 are point back at you. :grinning:

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Thanks guys for your words of comfort.
Maybe we need a forum section for Id10t errors so we can feel “we are not alone”.
Then again I might be the sole poster

You are certainly not alone. I too have had my share of “PEBCAK” issues. (Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard) :smiley:

Tod that is just a loose nut on the keyboard.

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