Why are my words depth different?

This is the second time this has happened to me why is the engraving text cutting less than the one up top ?

Typically that’s because the job is not perfectly flat, parallel to the XY movement of the machine.

When you’re setting your Z zero, check the top of the part in several spots. If it’s a ways off, level it. If it’s close, use the lowest spot as your Z zero.

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I was using the Bitzero is there a way ? And I redid it again, but I had to change the depth a little bit. And also for engraving do I have to match the death per pass with the max that I’m putting? A cut in one path or do I put it lower?

Set it with your bitzero, then move the tool so it touches the surface of the part. It should be Z0.000
Check it in a few spots around the part to be sure.

Are you engraving with a drag bit? (Spindle Off?) The depth just controls the tension on the spring.
If the path needs multiple passes, you could set the depth per cut less than the max depth & get several passes, with slightly increasing pressure. I would just do one pass & then rerun it if necessary.

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So I have noticed this as well and from what I believe is happening is what Tod1d said, the material is not completely flat to the surface. So I was cutting an American Flag the other day and I started to notice this on the Air Force logo that I was cutting. when it was done I looked at the Pine 1x12 and noticed that it had a slight warp in it where it was cupped. I thought I had it clamped down really well but I did not. The other thing I noticed that aids in this circular cut paths, is when the bit is cutting though the material too fast so I slowed down my feed rate.


OK, I’m going to try that tomorrow, And I’m using A 30° engraver. But with the MC etcher, could I paint over the words?