Why do all the topics now close after only 30 days from 1st post?

Why do all the topics now close (can no longer accept/post replies) after 30 days from the first post? I seem to remember that threads used to be closed only after 30 days of no activities on the thread (no posts/replies for 30 days).

There is no real good reason for closing a thread in either of these cases (yes, I am aware that @WillAdams can re-open a thread upon request), but closing a thread automatically after 30 days from creation feels uber-authoritarian…

Actually, I have begun to notice that some threads say they will close 30 days after last reply, and some say they will close 30 days from creation. What criterion/criteria is used that makes a thread close 30 days after the last reply, versus 30 days from creation?

The threads which stay open 30 days after the last reply are older ones which existed when that setting was applied.

The current setting is 30 days from creation.

If folks want to continue posting to a thread, let a moderator know and we will re-open it.

If there are posts which should be moved, let us know and we will do so.

I didn’t click ‘reply’ so I am tagging you here, @WillAdams, and please understand I think you are the most helpful and amazing contributor to this community, but

It is an inconvenient change.

Emailing/PM’ing anyone and having to wait for them to respond to provide access is an unnecessary inconvenience. I am an active member of a handful of other user forums/communities, and I can’t think of any that operate in this way.

I am not a fan of closing threads at all, as there can still be relevant info added long after the fact, and, using myself as an example, if I have time to reply now with a relevant insight or solution, I very possibly won’t later (after it has been re-opened) or I will forget. Either way, putting replies after 30 days behind a ‘people-wall’ is an inconvenience that weakens your community. For that matter, why not close them after 20 days, 10 days, 24 hours? At what point does one feel that the usefulness of community help is diminished to the point of absurdity?

I never thought I’d say this about the way threads used to be, but having the thread stay open for at least 30 days from the last reply is a much better solution than the current policy.

As usual, YMMV, just my 2 cents, etc…


Have to agree with everyone you said. I’m curious what the reasoning is for closing topics at all.

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Over the years, we saw too many people replying to old threads had information that was no longer relevant, which created more confusion. We always err on the side of removing confusion and incorrect information.

(I’d have to look at which timeout 30 from last reply and which are 30 from creation. It’s not a global setting and it’s supposed to be 30 from last reply in most cases)

EDIT: Everything should be set to 30 from last reply now. That will not change existing tickets unfortunately. Luckily, only a few sections were wrong.



Thank you for your reply, explanation, and action, concerning this issue. Truly!

As much as I would like the threads to remain open indefinitely (90 or 180 days from last post would be great too), I am at least happy that they will remain open for at least 30 days from the last post in the thread…

How long do my personal bookmarks last of posts?

No idea on that one. I don’t know why they’d time out in any way.


My bookmarks from 2019 are still there, so I guess they do not expire in at least four years.


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