Why do some of my components look different from the assembly drawing?

I got my shapeoko pro and I noticed that my aluminum slots looks a little bit different from the assembly video and picture in my assembly book. Also, my drag chain bracket looks different from the book was stuff changed in newer models?

The parts you have laid out are different than the ones on the page. You have the hybrid bed cross braces laid out with the side plates for the drag chains attached. The page you have open to are later in the assembly process and are the larger extrusions the machine moves on.

Or am I missing something? :slight_smile:

Yes, there have been some changes since the machines launched/the manual was printed. In particular, the cross braces no longer have grooves to allow for what were the optional HDPE filler strips.


Yeah, sorry the page that I have open to. It’s not actually what I was referring to. I was just talking more about what I saw in the video the machine was a little bit different components wise. It sounds like they’ve made some changes since the printing of the manual.

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