Why does Carbide Motion 618 keep crashing at random points?

I am using carbide motion 618 on a Mac Book Pro 12.6.7 and unfortunately it keeps crashing at random points in the job. Maybe three or four times a job before I am finally able to get it finished.

Doesn’t matter what the design is. Doesn’t matter what the tool is. I’ve restarted. Grounded. Reinstalled software. Same problem. Been like this for weeks.

Does anyone else encounter this? It just randomly stop cutting I don’t get it?

Happy to share any further documentation needed.

To clarify, on the picture your cutter has lost contact with the computer. That is not a crash. Generally a crash is when the application, CM, quits working and goes away.

Likely this is a static discharge problem. When the moving router bit, dust collection all collide you get static charges building up. That usually causes the disconnect problem when the static discharge zaps your usb connection. The usb connection is the weakest place where static hits. So here on the forum are many posts about mitigating static electricity. Look them up and see if any of it applies to you.

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Please let us know at support@carbide3d.com — we have a quick test for you, and a 10-step program after that.

What’s your vacuum set up? I had an in-line cyclone as well as the metal collection bin under it that wasn’t grounded. Grounded those and also switched my main hose to a static-free one from Rockler (a designed static-free, not one with a grounding wire wrapped around it) and haven’t had a problem since. Hose was a bit pricey but 100% worth it.