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Ok, guys so first of all I think it’s important to note, I’ve been just…dealing with this for quite some time. Pretty much ever since I purchased my Bitsetter. So let me try…Im so frustrated, to explain what happens and then maybe you guys can tell me if it’s Suppose to happen, if I’m doing something wrong, or what…

So I will create a project with multiple bit changes that will then need the Bitsetter enabled. when I turn on the machine and then go in to CM, I click enable bitsetter which then calls for the machine to initialize again. It runs to the front, I put in my bit of choice, it finds it’s height with the bitsetter returns to the center. I then proceed to find my XYZ, set all to zero. I upload my file, the machine does it’s bitsetter stuff agin, but then when I go to run, the bit Hovers over the top as if I never found my Z??? Other times, I will Rapid Back to my X & Y and then go to do the Rapid Z +6MM and the machine will crash my bit clean into the wood, again as if I never once found the Z previously. The only thing that seems to get things back right is to CLOSE CM or hit my Kill Switch and start over. Surely…that’s not how it’s suppose to work, right??? Im to the point where I’m scared to ever hit the Rapid to Z +6mm rendering it useless for me

If you ever enable or disable the BitSetter you must reset Carbide Motion. Exit CM and restart it, and re-initialize the machine.


Ok. thanks for that. So what about after you run a job successfully and it returns to Center North. You go to run basically that same job again, and use Rapid X&Y and Rapid Z and it crashes through your piece as if you never once set the Z…does the Z reset or something after using the bitsetter?

Try that after doing the power cycle / initialize after re-enabling the bitsetter.

I and @gdon_2003 have found the need to cycle power, not just initialize after changing the bitsetter status. Once I started doing that I have not had issues like you describe

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Cool beans. seems common then. Hey thanks guys

When you turn BitSetter off on SO4 an SO3 it does something to the internal coordinates and a power cycle will fix that. Others here on the forum have stated that the SO5 is not effected by turning off the BitSetter. The SO5 has a different controller from other Shapeoko machines.

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