Why I bought a Shapeoko 3 XXL CNC Machine

I bought my CNC to make these Tribute Guitars picture frames for concert goers. I added a J Tech Photonics Laser to it as well. So guitar neck I do inlay and others I burn. Each guitar gets a leather strap with the concerts setlist burned onto it. So you have the band name, a picture with the band members, a place for them to sign, the event date and location of the show plus the setlist. They look great hanging on the wall!

Anyone have ideas on how to make them better? Am I leaving anything out?


I used to make these by hand… took forever, lol.

Add a place for the ticket stub? Perhaps add fake guitar strings which would allow people to stow keepsakes such as the ticket stub intertwined in them?

Offer an option to have a round area more in keeping with the traditional shape of the soundhole? (and which would afford a larger area for signatures)

Make an inset area for a CD in a plastic case to be stored?


Add some metal guitar hardware(frets, tuning knobs,etc…)-even if it isn’t the real thing…some bling brightens everything and adds an element of authenticity!