Why is my CNC wobbling

I just bought and put tpgether everything works great except the wobbling it does when initializing. I have video but not sure how to upload. it goes back fine but as soon as it comes forward the wobbling or jerking motion starts. Its squared, belts are not tight, rollers are ok so Im lost for words. Its getting very annoying paying all this money and the thing dont work properly or it takes for ever to get response on what could be wrong with it. Shapeoko 4 xxl

sounds like something related to one of the Y Axis motors, but only on the forward direction? For video I think people can post their youtube links here. Hope this helps.

Please check in w/ support@carbide3d.com

If everything is mechanically sound and all connectors and wiring are secure in good condition then check the Y-axis:

  • power down
  • remove both Y-axis belts
  • put a bit of tape on the Y-axis motor pulleys
  • power up, connect and initialize — the machine should home Z-axis, then begin moving X and Y — X should initialize as normal, but Y should turn until it times out — do the motors turn evenly and in synch?

Let us know what you find out at support@carbide3d.com and we’ll do our best to work through this w/ you.

I did what you said and the Z axis moved to the right the right side motor was spinning the left was not. Once it got to the right side it spun for about 7 seconds then shut off… nothing else happened after that

just to follow up, I tried again both belts off initialized z axis went right until touching sensor light turned red and motor was spinning after a few seconds it stopped and the program shut down… the left side did nothing

The Z-axis doesn’t move right–left — it’s the X-axis carriage which moves right-- left.

if the machine moved right w/o moving up/down, then you have the Z-axis stepper driver connected to the X-axis motor.

Please contact support@carbide3d.com and let us know step-by-step what the machine does.

This is a SO4 XXL right? I have a SO4, I remember vaguely that not all motor cables were labeled when I connected them. There were enough labels for me to tell the one that was missing the label belongs to which motor, so I didn’t tell support, but it could be confusing if people didn’t notice some label was missing.