Will a HDZ work on a S04

Just bought a S04… can I use my HDZ from my S03 on the S04?

I’m afraid they are not compatible. A few folks have retrofitted them and we bounced around an adapter plate but it wasn’t as elegant as we’d like.

We’re currently looking at a new variation specifically for the 4 and pro.


That’s disappointing… the HDZ was a huge step forward for me in terms of less failures and more accurate cuts. Guess you guys will get more of my money.

Next question, what about my bit setter? Can I use that with the 4 or does it need a new version as well?

If you make an adapter for the BitSetter to clamp on to, it should work on the SO4. However they have a SO4 specific version in production that you can see in their SO4 YouTube videos.

I sold my SO3 with the BitSetter, BitRunner V1, and BitZero V1 so I can get the SO4 specific BitSetter and the V2 versions of the
BitZero and BitRunner.

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I’ll wait for the bit setter to come back in stock for the 4… and hope that a HDZ gets produced… I hate losing it

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Technically it never was “in stock” for the SO4 as it hasn’t been released yet. I have no doubt they will produce an HDZ for the SO4 as well. But in my opinion it isn’t needed unless you have a heavy spindle. The newest versions of the ZPlus they use are so nice compared to the belt drive and even slightly improved over the SO3 version of the ZPlus.

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the new Z is definitely way better than the belt drive version my 3 came with. I am pleasantly surprised with it.


BitSetter for SO4 should be available on Monday,


Sweet! Money is waiting lol

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