Will the Bit Runner Function as Designed Using Carveco

I just installed my Bit Runner and everything looks like it’s good to go.

Was just wondering if I do a design in Carveco or any other software for that matter will the Bit Runner function as it should?

I don’t know the specifics but I believe the BitRunner is controlled via Gcode M3 and M5 commands. As long as the post processor includes those in the right places, I imagine it will work fine.


When the BitSetter and BitZero first came out Vetric did not have a post processor for them. It did not take long for them to write one. One of our regular members has written the PP for Vetric and other software that if you look around t he forum you can find them. If Carveco does not have the proper post processor then call or email them as a paying customer you should expect to be able to use the expensive software to its full advantage of your machine.

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Thank you guys for the input.

I figured I would try Carveco and see how I like it. For the monthly fee I can just cancel at any time. I have my iMac set up asa duel boot system that’s why I figured I try Carveco. I haven’t dived into it yet. Hope to this week.