Will there be a measuring tool for Carbide Create?

I am new to the CNC world but have some CAD history. Is there not a tool to measure distances by clicking on a node, then another node? This seems pretty essential to getting things just so. I have used the auto-centering button but it is finicky and often makes things worse off than using the MM ruler on the edges.

It only adds one keypress, but you can draw a line from point-to-point, then note its dimensions, then delete it.

Hi Will, thanks for the reply! That is what I am currently doing and while it works, it would be ideal to have a measurement that sticks to those nodes so as you move the object around you can track the measurements, especially since there is no a way to move the items using an input field to put the exact amount of movement needed.

Uh, you can move objects numerically — just select what you want to move and then select the Move tool.

Well…that’s true for movement in either the x or y axis…but imagine trying to move the object 3.75" up and to the right at something like (but not exactly) a 28degree angle. What values would you use and what would you have to go through to do that?

I think the idea has a great deal of merit. Many other programs have an elastic connector that shows distance as you move it.

  • Gary