Windows 10 Pro?

Getting a new computer, but it has Windows 10 Pro for OS. Is that an issue? Will i need to have windows 10 loaded on instead?

Windows 10 Pro will work fine.

Windows 10 will be around for a long time. I recently upgraded my HP Laptop it an i7 with
SSD drive and Windows 11. At first I was not liking win 11 but it has grown on me.

If there is not too much of a price differential I would choose Windows 11. The pro version does not add much but if you have a need for it then go pro.

Windows 11 has a few new features that are good but having the start menu in the middle took some getting used to. I still go to the left hand bottom corner and on my computer I get a pop up with the weather.

This is a Windows 10 and 11 problem that I do not like. When you set up they try to make you sign in to Microsoft and set a pin to log in. I dont like that but to change to a local login would require a new user and screw up all my permissions. So my advise would to not set up wifi or network until you make a user and get logged in. Then you can use the Microsoft login if you like that with a pin number. Unfortunately it is harder to reverse from the MS login/Pin # than going from a local account to the MS account.

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The computer is a refurbished Panasonic Toughbook that comes with my choice of win 10 pro or 11 pro. Its got a 960 gb ssd, and 16 gb ram.
Im pretty computer illiterate, a total newby. It seems most info ive read in overcoming obstacles, comes from users with win 10.
I honestly dont know the difference between win 10 and 10 pro, but thought I remembered reading there was an issue using 10pro.

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Any version of Windows 10 will work. Concerns:

  • Windows 10 S has to be taken out of S mode
  • it has to be Windows on an Intel or AMD or other x86 processor — not an ARM chip

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