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I got a news article that the newest major update for Windows 10 will install the latest version of Windows Edge Browser and make it the default browser. They have some work arounds to change back to what ever browser you like to use. The article was about how Windows (Microsoft) hi jacks your computer and hides how to reverse what they have done.

Personally I use Firefox and like it. So FYI if you auto update to the latest Windows 10 update you may have this issue.

Freaking Microsoft :tongue:

Take a look at this site. Follow directions at your own risk. Just read what they have to say. For me I will pause updates for a while until this gets resolved.


My understanding is that the ability to pause updates is being taken away as well — the only control left is for managed domains as a policy?

The only way I’ve found to definitively keep Windows from updating is the technique I’ve been using on my Samsung Galaxy Book 12 to stay at 1703 — fill your hard drive so that Microsoft can’t download the update onto your system to install it.


Well, yes, edge is new win 10 browser. Not a significant change in my opinion. I use on the tablet I’m using now, but nowhere else. I use Firefox wherever I can. Now there is a way to pretty much permanently stop updates. Change your internet connection in settings to METERED. This will prevent downloads as MS won’t dl unless you tell it it over metered connection. But it stops all updates…

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My real problem with Microsoft is they are arbitrarily changing our user agreement. Internet Explorer (IE) and the newer Edge both have major issues of snooping on you. Additionally Microsoft seems to not be giving me an option about whether or not I want their product as my default.

Because Microsoft has so many built in security issues I do feel that I can just pause updates indefinitely. I have said this before, Microsoft has made the most defective product in the history of the world but it is unfortunately the only game. I could go with Apple but they are just as bad as MS about snooping and the cost for Apple is more than I want to pay.

Software for Linux and other UNIX systems is nonexistent for most things that I want and need to run. There is no Linux version of CC or CM.

Big Technology has screwed the public for so long we just have to take it. If you don’t take what they dish out you would have to live in a cave. Whatever would I do if I could not get my daily dose of the Kardashians or other teen idols of the day. What ever would I do without vapid Hollywood stars giving me advise on how to live my life. Oh yea, I don’t care anything about any of that but I would like to run my Shapeoko and I cannot do that without big tech corn holing me and then making me say I like it.

In the immortal words from the movie Animal House “Thank you sir I will have another”


While researching the 2004 Windows 10 update I found another issue courtesy of Microsoft. If you have an SSD drive and you update to the 2004 update your ssd will be defragged/trimmed several times a day. Good old Bill Gates has had another OMG moment in his software. In reality Bill Gates has retired and is living a good life far from his Microsoft monster he built.


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FWIW, I did the metered connection thing, and my machine still updated to Fall Creators Update — might have been that it d/l’d over a guest connection at work or some other open access though, but IME, that’s not a reliable option.

I got a new “tablet” to run CM, so in installing W10 for the first time, they give you the option of security notification via text to your phone or email. Well I didn’t want them to have my phone if I can help it, so I used the email option.

So, what do you think is the very next prompt? Another notification that doesn’t give you an option to get notified via email. They got what they wanted, because there was no other option.

I had a giggle when the Cortana installation voice literally says to do this next thing or “you just won’t be able to use Windows 10.” They don’t always try to hide their plan.


I have the joy of being required to use MS products for work (our email is contracted to them, documents are on OneDrive and in MS Word or Exell, though there is some motion toward google products- less featureful, more bugs. The autodesk support being windows only (fusion excepted. I mean the professional products that, mostly, work well), and a few other tools I need, well, I’m stuck.

The concept of “it works= leave it alone” fails. For example, every couple months MS “Improves” the email interface. It is no longer possible to send plain text email via the client we are required to use.

The latest windows update broke application associations, again, broke preferences, and, yet again, moved settings around. Now, on my work issued machine, every restart (daily, by policy… don’t ask me) it resets all preferences to default, including things like touchpad settings, requiring me to spend about ten to fifteen minutes making the machine usable. Every. Single. Day. Yes, this is local policy, but that MS provides no way to store and recover the preferences is the key problem (yes, some can be, but the most important… no).

The worst: Why does it give the option to schedule updates, but NEVER honors it?


Well, this explains a lot.

I recently broke down and bought a Windows laptop/tablet due to some PC only software, normally I’m a Mac user. I followed all of the instructions I could find to change my default browser to Chrome and my default search to Google because, well, no one with intelligence uses Bing to search. I hope I haven’t offended anyone, but, if you use Bing to search, the comment probably went over your head anyway.

None of the remedies seemed to work, and now I know why. Also, my mouse seems to freeze for several seconds here and there making using it miserable (and I bought a fast machine and have blazing internet speeds). I’ll bet the defrag comment above explains that one.

I hate this machine, but I will try the remedies above.



Yeah since Win10, I can’t trust MS to not screw up my computers whenever it’s least convenient for me, so, to run Inventor & Solidworks, which are Windows-only, I switched over to a Mac and just set up a VMWare virtual machine for Win7 & Win10 each (Win7 still whips the shag out of Win10, but that’s another topic). If you’re unfamiliar, a Virtual Machine is a single file on your SSD, which Windows installs into & thinks of it as an entire computer, blissfully unaware that beyond its reach, there’s an entire other program, operating system & computer with its own specs that it’s actually running on. Both Windows and Mac run at the same time on the same screen and any programs launched run like it’s all one computer, bc in large part it is. Within that, I keep Windows cut off from the internet by selecting “host-only” networking, in which VMware (or Parallels) only allow file sharing between Mac & Windows, & won’t let Win connect to the outside world, regardless of Windows trying, and MS having set Win10 to periodically change its settings to access the internet & start downloading updates again.

Occasionally, I’ll either try out some questionable program & wish to remove it, or I connect windows for some .NET or VBA update nonsense that it should already have installed, and forget to switch the networking back to host-only, & find Windows pulling all kinds of BS taking advantage of its newfound freedom. But remember, the entirety of Windows is installed in a single Virtual Machine file… soooo, click that VM file itself, hit Time Machine, Restore from backup, and the entire Windows install is re-imaged, replaced with itsself circa the day it was installed & configured, fresh as a daisy, in under a minute. No problems, no issues, no clutter, no broken anything. Just fires right up unaware it’s a clone that’s replacing an endless line of clones just like it that I’ve killed off bc of some minor error, just like in MOON.

I let windows run a couple programs, but that’s it, I keep it on a short leash. …or, I guess more like tied down & blindfolded.

Unfortunately, Apple just pulled the rug out from under us, ditching Intel for ARM processors. …though, I guess we’ll see how long it takes MS to do the same, since they too already have an ARM-based version of Windows, & with the massive gaming industry economically driving the demand for more and cooler performance, the writing may be on the wall for Intel. …which would put Autodesk & Dassault on defense, as pereniially trying to avoid a costly full rewrite of their ancient applications would require urging their customers to stay on a fading chip architecture. At some point, the first well done parametric solid modeler that can read & write the filetypes & run on modern hardware should grab some market share. But the transition is going to suck, with everyone dragging their heels.

I had considered VM or Parallels, but thought a ‘real’ machine might be better. Maybe I’ll send this thing back…


I dont have any experience with Parallels but I have used VM a lot. The problem with Virtual machines are they are still running Windows and still have to be updated. Plus your host machine has to have enough CPU and memory to run the host OS and the guest OS. So for most people you may be better off with a dedicated machine and the OS you need. I have found that Virtual environments can get quite messy with network infrastructure because of increased security over most corporate networks. At home this may not be an issue but you still have the core problem that is Windows itself. So unless you can recompile the application you want and need to a more secure OS you are stuck with Windows.


AD has been maneuvering for just such a contingency for several years, as they try to make Fusion passable enough to replace several horses in their stable (inventor, Eagle, and a few others) Eagle is rolled in and the stand alone discontinued (with some really frustrating bugs), and several others are headed there. Of course, Fusion is SLLLLLOOOOOOWWWWWWW. And doesn’t like to run without a fast network connection. Currently win-tel and mac-os, but I would not be surprised if they could roll out for other systems and processors in short order and get the exact same reliability and speed we see on windows and mac


I really don’t know where to begin with this, except to say that you all need to stop believing the media (broadcast and print).

I work as a senior software engineer and will tell you that pretty much everything in the OP is a complete crock. The latest version of Microsoft’s browser will not install itself by default because that’s simply not allowed by law. If you use it, it will ask you to allow it to become default, so simply don’t use it. I personally use edge, chrome, and Firefox because they have different strengths.
Additionally if you venture under the hood and do some technical reading you’ll find out the Edge is actually using a part of the Google Chrome engine, and Chrome is now using some Microsoft code. They partnered to bring the strengths of each to both.
Finally on that point, Edge is now the most compliant browser on the market, and the fastest of the 3 major ones.

What you read in the media is baloney. In the next few years you’ll hear absolute horror stories about Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and Amazon, because the powers that be are concerned that the tech giants hold too much sway over peoples choices…only people who listen and make decisions on things without knowing the facts.

At the end of the day they aren’t trying to steal your data, you already gave it to them freely. What you didn’t read the Windows EULA? How about the Facebook one?

If you’re that concerned, which honestly you have no reason to be, switch to Linux. It has everything Windows has except the gaming.

I deal with all of the tech giants code on a daily basis, and the only real offender is Facebook…because they’re often overheard saying “So we didn’t tell the users that?”

Peace CNCers

Three of my win10 computers have updated and added the Edge browser. I doesn’t make itself the default browser. It does ask if you want it to be your default… like every other browser you install. I am using one of those computers now, with Firefox as the default. You can make any browser the default by going into settings, default apps, and select the Web Browser (shows your current default browser). When you do all the installed browsers will be listed and you select the one you want.


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