Windows 8 RT + SO3?

I’m looking to buy a (inexpensive) computer to replace the one I dedicated to running my SO3. I do design woprk on another computer, so it just needs to run Carbide Motion. I have found a refurbished tablet for cheap, bit it runs Windows 8 RT, which I know next to nothing about. Does anyone know if the SO3 can run in Win 8 RT?

Copied from googles:
Windows RT is the locked-down version of Windows 8 for ARM computers, as seen on Microsoft’s Surface RT tablet and a few other Windows RT devices. Unlike the standard version of Windows 8, Windows RT doesn’t allow you to install your own desktop programs.

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No, as @orlrobinson noted, Windows RT is limited to Windows Store apps only.

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And essentially a technology dead end. There are plenty of cheap (<<$100) Windows 10 tablets out there.


Thanks guys. :slight_smile: I’ll look for a windows 10 tablet.

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Here’s some earlier discussion:

Thanks for the link. says $117 and out of stock. I will check with my local store.

So, I just noticed that the product information on the RCA Cambio says it has 2GB of RAM. The Carbide 3D system requirements site a 4GB minimum. Are you able to run with 2GB without any trouble? If that’s the case, my prospects of finding a cheap dedicated computer are much better. I’ve seen at least a dozen machines with 2GB of RAM for under $100.

Folks have gotten by w/ as little as 1GB — by turning off unneeded services and not allowing any other software to run — the 4GB requirement seems to be a bit of future-proofing.

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Good to know. I actually took my dedicated machine offline so it wouldn’t get all fudged up with random upgrades and restarts; best thing I ever did. It ran seamlessly. I was using Bluetooth to transfer files, and to run an external keyboard and mouse. I had the computer mounted above and behind the CNC and built a desk into the cabinet; it was a pretty sweet setup.

I may have an old laptop around here somewhere; I’ll hook it up to see how it runs. I would absolutely love to not buy another computer this year.

Thanks for your input.

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If someone is looking for an inexpensive W10 tablet, I had very good luck with my Teclast X98 II

Since it was basically the same form-factor as the old iPads, I found a mount that worked reasonably well.

Two points though:

  • Upgrade the Windows 10 install to current, then RESET the machine to get rid of the Chinese bits that show up in odd places.

  • Just ignore the Android Bits as I could not find any way to upgrade it to a current version (Not that you need Android, but if you were inclined to play around with it)

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Check ebay, lenovo has been a great brand for me for 20 years

here’s one

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