Winston has a guest!

I feel a bit like a chat show host today.


In this weeks Friday Office Hours, we are talking business.

Some of you might have seen the email from Crystal but for those who missed it @wmoy is hosting Sara from Hearth Home Designs. She will be going over how she got started in woodworking and how she turned her passion into a successful business. Sara has a lot of valuable experience and insight which we hope will inspire a lot of people, especially young ladies and women who might not be too familiar with CNC machining or who have great ideas but just aren’t sure how to get started.

The usual time Friday 13.30 PST

  • Sara! I’ll be there!!!
  • I can’t miss this!!!
  • Lets talk BUSINESS!

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I’m pretty excited for this one. For anyone who doesn’t know Sara and her business you can get an insight from ‘the gram


Is there a link. I tried the Carbide 3D YouTube sight and I see past Friday shows but nothing for
todays show

I’m not seeing the stream on the carbide3d youtube channel.

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