Wire Harness question?

Is there a particular reason for the black and yellow limit switch wires for the Y limit switch to be about 3.5 ’ longer than the rest of the limit switch wiring? Maybe I screwed up installing the wire harness?, If it is too long can i cut it to shorten the length with a splice? I would like to clean up the wiring while I am waiting on a new control board

When I put my XXL together I found a lot of the wire lengths seemed off and I chalked it up to cumulative error in how I ran my wires. A little more cableway here or there works out to a few inches difference pretty easily.

If it all fits and your axis’ all move to their full extents without pulling anything tight, I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it :slight_smile:

its not off 3.5 inches off its off by 3.5 feet. Can I splice it or is that a no no?

Wow. That’s way off. obviously a mistake in putting that wiring harness together — I suspect you got a doubled-up length of XXL or something like that — is this an XL? If so, an XXL harness might explain it.

Please contact support@carbide3d.com and we’ll sort it out.

GAH. Units matter! :-p What @WillAdams said…

Its an XXL. I have the drag chain all set up and have cycled the x and y axis by hand several times and there is no issue with either of those with the wire harness, all of the limit switches are installed as well. Is it safe to cut out the unwanted length and splice the wires back together?

Yes, if you want to do that, and do so at a point where movement won’t affect the connection (if you have a set of crimps and connectors my suggestion would be to cut them to length and put on new connectors) — but we’ll gladly send you a switch with the correct length wire — just let us know.

Will, I am good with just cutting out the extra length and splicing the wires together. Solder the ends and heat shrink tubing good enough ?

Yes, so long as you don’t position the cut somewhere that machine motion will constantly flex it — anywhere both ends will be essentially immobile will be fine.

Please let us know at support@carbide3d.com — we need to track infelicities such as this and keep them from happening.

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My limit switch wires ended up @ slightly disparate lengths once they landed on the controller board, but simply folding the wires in the drag chain was how I even’d them up.

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Clearly this is evidence of a top-secret 3XL project.