Wires, out the top or bottom?

I’m looking at the assembly guide for the standard sizes shapeoko and it shows the wires coming out the top.

My electronics box has the hole on the bottom, if I have the USB/power on the right side like the picture shows.

Was the design changed, or am I doing something wrong?


It sounds like its all correct on your machine, just that the warning regarding the pictures where missed.
Edit: Also I do believe that they changed the design, I have 3 holes and the orientation of it matches the picture in the Assembly guides you linked to.


Thank you for that link! I just skimmed it, but it L oks like that is exactly the information I was needing.

Edit: From the guide you posted, indeed, coming out the bottom:

“On the Standard Model Shapeoko the Connection side will face right, the wire exit location will point downwards.”

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