Wiring Harness Connector Part No.?

I am installing an XL expansion on a Sparkfun S3 (i.e. “the red model”). Lucky me.

In order to use the supplied new harness it would be easiest to have some of the connectors that Carbide uses on their controller board and/or the other end on the harness that plugs into the controller.

Anybody know the Digi-key part no. for these connectors?


The specs listed at: https://www.shapeoko.com/wiki/index.php/Shapeoko_3#Connectors should be helpful in finding them.

@Jorge do we have the part #s handy?

Sorry but that list is a jumbled mess. What I am looking for is:
Male 4 pos. shell
Male Crimp
Female 4 pos. shell
Female crimp

None of these links seem to lead to what I a looking for (?)emphasized text

As the link shows, they’re molex kk connectors. The pins and sockets are there, the 6 pin shells are easy enough (though the wiki only lists the 6 and 12’s) Here’s the whole smash:

Pick your housings pick your pins and sockets for each. They all interchange, and fit onto .100" headers.

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Support sent the answer to my question regarding what connectors are actually on the controller board

Yes there are many others. What you would use them for is unclear, but:

KK Molex Shells
KK Connectors
KK Males

The two-position versions are what I think are used for the limit switch connections but as I said I don’t have a Carbide controller so I am relying on my memory because I had to cut off the connectors when I retrofitted the Sparkfun with limit switches from the Carbide upgrade kit.

I order such things from Digi-Key because they still ship small orders USPS which is half of what UPS charges and my orders often are here in just 3 days.

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