Wood question when using a v bit

I’ve been working on some cuts using pine and found there is a lot of chipping when using a V bit. Thinking maybe I should try popular any thoughts.

you can use a downcut bit (say a 2mm one) to make a very shallow inside “scoring cut” of say 0.02" or so… just enough to break the smooth surface and give the chipping a place to stop on a clean line


Pine is soft and prone to chip our. Poplar is somewhat better. For both try putting on a shellac dewaxed top coat. For pine Minwax makes a preconditioning product for pine when you are going to stain to prevent blotching. The precon makes the surface harder and a little less prone to chip out.

You should try out cherry and maple. Both carve well and have better grain character. Stay away from highly figured woods as the grain and carving are competing for attention.

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