Woodcraft of Rockville

First, I’d like to say that I’m not affiliated with Woodcraft in any way other than being a customer. During the few years of shopping there, this place always makes you feel happy, satisfied and welcomed.
As much as I like Carbide3d, I like Woodcraft. As there is nothing I can say about Carbide to fully give them what they deserve for being the best in their business, the same goes for Woodcraft, especially after my recent transaction with them, thank you Woodcraft.


By all accounts, Woodcraft for the most part has franchises which are well-run and friendly — not sure if they make an especial effort to select for this, or if it’s just that woodworkers are naturally friendly and gregarious, but I’ve always felt welcome in the one up here in Harrisburg.


The opposite of all we both said here is Woodpeckers. Hearing or seeing the name brings nothing but bad memories.

Oh hey, that one isn’t too far from me (in the scheme of things). I keep meaning to check it out, but usually when I have time off for wood shopping there are a couple other places I go to. Still might have to add it to the check out sooner rather than later list.

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Woodcraft is always a great place to browse. Houston had 2 stores. I still get circulars from them and order online regularily. When I go to Houston I go to Woodcraft and Rockler and browse and checkout clearance and wood. Both stores have a good selection of hardwoods.

You can get free shipping from both stores online with email signup and/or over certain amounts.

They have what craftsman need. Now I still checkout Amazon and Walmart for price when they carry the same items but Woodcraft and Rockler carry things others dont dream about.

Peachtree and Kingspor also carry speciality stuff. Infinity Tools and American Eagle/MCLS are also good places online. I get email from Woodpeckers daily but thier stuff is gold plated.

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