Wooden Electronic Box for a Debug Probe

Wooden Box made with Shapeoko 4, with a V-carving-inlay on the top.

It uses Hex screws and magnets to keep the lid in place. Inside acrylic cover and cable lid is laser-cut (2 and 3 mm PMMA). Addressable RGBW LEDs illuminate the PMMA.

Inlay done with F-Engrave (free software): pine wood in elm wood.

The challenge was that the pine wood is rather soft, need to use a harder wood next time.

Files on CutRocket and GitHub (see links in my article with more details: https://mcuoneclipse.com/2021/11/07/adding-rgbw-wings-and-enclosure-to-a-debug-probe/


Nice job. There is something about packing modern electronics into a…wooden case that just feels right :+1:

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