Wooden Electronic Project Boxes on the Shapeoko

I have been using the Shapeoko (Stepoko, in my case) to build wood boxes to house various electronic projects for quite a while. I am attaching an instructional video for one type of box I build. The Easel files can be easily modified for boxes of other dimensions. I am Easel software for these boxes as it makes it very easy to change box size for different projects. I still do most of my work through CarbideMake and Fusion360, but the Easel software is free to use and works well on the Shapeoko.


I forgot to mention, the Easel files are in the comments of the YouTube video.

All cuts are on this file. Select the cut you need and delete the rest/save for the next operation:

To make it just a bit clearer, I included just the side cut in this file so that you can see the geometry of the wood block:


Very nice video, thanks for making this and sharing!

I mostly build electronics enclosures out of laser cut wood/acrylic, but this gives me some interesting ideas! I loved your example lighter.

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Thanks Mingle. I have plans to try a similar technique with acrylic, but have been playing with aluminum and been distracted from it.
I did however recently finish one of these boxes to hold a Raspi Zero with an E-Ink screen mounted on the top surface configured as a automated weather reporter. I like the way it turned out, but haven’t had time to put the video together to show what I did. Thanks for the input!

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