Wooden Jigsaw on CNC?

I have bought my mother a couple of (pricey) wooden jigsaws puzzles from the UK and just saw a book about creating them with a jigsaw. Has anybody developed a process for doing this on a CNC from a photograph?

I am used to using very small bits for Christmas ornaments so it would seem that this might be possible out of 1/8 birch plywood.

Any good tutorials out there?

The kerf is larger than a typical jigsaw, so usually the parts can’t be cut out of a single piece, so it’s rather wasteful of material (which is even more painful at current lumber prices).

Looked at this in:

(but didn’t address arranging the parts for cutting out)

As Will said the kerf is much smaller with a jigsaw so you dont loose much of a picture. Even with a 1/16 bit I would think the picture might lose too much but you could try. Another problem would be if the picture material shreds along the edges it might be hard to repair.

Depending on your mother’s dexterity if you are making larger piece puzzles you might be able to make a jigsaw puzzle. I would think you would have to have a simple picture without a lot of details, in other words not a busy picture.

Not sure if you are wanting to make puzzles for her to put together repeatedly or just put together and then display on a shelf in a frame or display set up.

One solution may be to create the jigsaw image on top of your picture. Then print multiple pictures with your jigsaw pattern on the picture. Glue your picture to multiple pieces of material and try creating multiple jobs where you cut out every other section of the jigsaw grid and then put the multiple projects together into one jigsaw picture.

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What about a 30° vee bit cut something like this?


I don’t see any smaller v-bits less than 30°, but this might work?

Amana has a 15 degree:

I bought one, but have only used it w/o power to the router for piercing leather for sewing holes using the new Drill toolpath.

Not an answer to your original question (which begs some looking for copyright restrictions), but this free software can start you from scratch.

Puzzle My Joint https://fabrikisto.com/tailmaker-software/

Ok well I wasn’t worried so much about the physical as being able to generate a jigsaw pattern over a photo and then being able to path it as a profile cut.
I typically work with bits 0.80mm (.0315") 4 FLUTE CARBIDE ENDMILLS
And cut things like this

So as I said I am looking more for how to do the pattern / pathing for a jigsaw.

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Post a file you are having difficulty making Toolpaths for?

Look on the internet for “line drawings for puzzles” download the JPEG or SVG files and covert these to your tool path. Printist is a good souce Tom

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