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I’ve been away from Fusion 360 for a while and have a pretty complex project finished up with tool paths generated, etc. I am ready to save down my nc files for processing via CM. Would some of you 360 pros chime in with a good workflow for this? I know I have to save each tool path as a separate file (no bit-setter), but seems there were some “tricks” to making this flow better.

I’m not a pro, but to get things started, I don’t save every toolpath separately, based on advice I got here, I make a folder for each tool used in the sequence and then export that folder;

Also based on advice here;

I name the exported files as;

  • Folder for the project
  • Folder for the part
  • Common name start for the Setup
  • Number for the machining step (folder) in the setup
  • Tool name or description
  • Where the zero is, left / right, part top / part bottom / spoilboard etc.

I’m sure there’s better methods but those are the bits of advice that stuck (pun intended). Naming for the workpiece zero is a really good reminder for when you chop around from first op stock bottom left front, flip the part and do the second op part top right front.

I have never worked out what the program comment is useful for, at least in CM anyway.


And, lest I forget.

You might want to check out progress on Fenrus’ Fantastically Fast re-rapider for Fusion files to Free you from the slow-feed degredation of the personal entitlement.


Thanks. Great suggestions. I had thought about bunching my same-bit files together to save time, so the folders make a lot of sense for organizational purposes…

This will be my first big project on 360 post new release, so I will be interested in seeing how much the lack of rapids slows things down. I got one part of the project where I am hogging out a bunch of material with adaptive clear, and I’m already a little worried about the run time as the program is telling me it’s about a 21/2 hour operation. Kinda worried about my little Carbide router holding up for that long of a job without a rest.

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