Work holding to maximize Nomad cutting area?

I’m trying to maximize the number of identical pieces I can cut out of one piece of stock on my Nomad, but I’m not sure what to do about work holding. I really don’t want to use tape, as I don’t want to risk gumming up my endmills. And also when I tried taping down my starter project it ended up dislodging, lol. Once bitten…

Anyway, I’ve seen a lot of quick and handy clamp designs that I’d live to use, but the problem is that clamps and corner squares take up a fair amount of room, and every little bit counts when you’re working at such a small scale. So I was thinking maybe I could use an oversized spoil board, and attach my clamps mainly outside of the cutting area. Or possibly I could figure out some way to attach…something…to the sides of the 8x8 spoil board? I’m not sure and was wondering if anyone else had any ideas or had ever attempted such a thing. Or if anyone can see any issues with doing this that I’m not seeing.

If you have cash to spare SMW makes an oversize table for the nomad which might give you some workholding space.

To get the absolute max space on the existing table AND out of a piece of stock masking tape and superglue is king for me.

Not sure I would recommend but there is always fixturing wax?


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