Work in progress...Greenman dining table

4 down, 2 to go. Cut these guys on my XL, red oak, design and toolpaths from VCarve Pro. Two for the ends and 4 for the sides. Plus maybe two more, smaller for the leaf, not sure about the final design yet.

1/4” ballnose, .25 doc .125 stepover, 200 ipm for rough, 1/8” ballnose, ummmmm 1.25 mm doc (I think) 15% stepover, 200 ipm for finish. Even at 200 ipm took a longgggggggggg time.

Fun stuff, never built a dining room table before.


Won’t be able to say that after you are finished.

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please tell me you used your face for the centre motif?

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Ha ha. Must admit, there is a resemblance!

Moving along, finally picked out some legs, they arrived last evening. Now, all I need to do is a whole lot of sanding, fit everything together, stain and oil. Can’t wait to see the SO3 carvings finished,


Fantastic! Looking forward to seeing those carvings finished

beautiful! I’m a few days from getting my machine - any guidance on where to learn to make 3-d reliefs like this?


I used VCarve Pro from Vectric for this particular project. They provide very good tutorials and projects for Noobs like me.

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Still not done, but, first coat Tung/orange oil/turpatine. Hopefully finished by the end of the week.

Oil is still wet, unrubbed. I’m guessing 3-5 coats on top and 2 everywhere else.


Wow!!! That’s really nicely done!!!


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Finally finished and in the Dining room.

Changed my mind on the oil finish after we found the chairs we liked. The chairs were finished with conversion varnish, a catalyzed product thus very tough/long lasting. It has a pot life of 6-8 hours, must be sprayed - I used an HVLP, drys in 30 minutes, I sanded with 320 grit between coats, 4 coats total on top, three coats on legs/aprons. There is one other leaf in addition to the one in the table now.

Picked the color to match as closely as possible the antique greenman piece in the background.

Oh, the conversion varnish I used is from General Finishes, is water based and is super easy to use and clean up. I’ve never used it before but definitely will use again, I’ve got 3 quarts unmixed left.


That is stunning. You are very talented

Good advice on the conversion varnish. The main reason I’m staying away from shellac is that I don’t want to deal with trying to store it / save it. Seems like a long shelf life product (at least before its mixed) is a better option.

And of course beautiful work. Well done.

Oh. My. Goodness.
Wow that’s beautiful!

Thanks all for your kind words :smile:.

I put the bit in about the conversion varnish because I’m guessing not too many of us are aware of it. Speaking of shelf life, it’s at least 1 year if you ensure the lid is on tight and store it upside down to form a liquid seal.


You are a taleted dude. The tabel is awesome.

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