Work shop table

I dont want to turn my garage into a work shop so im looking for options on folding workshop table that are rigid enough for the movements of the shapeoko. My current table shakes as the router makes short moves which im sure is affecting accuracy.
Looking for ideas if anyone has experienced this.
I moved machine to floor and that solves the issue but create a new back issue for me :slight_smile:

I went back to back with two 2’ x 4’ tool boxes. Steel plate across the bottoms and bolted through the backs. The thing is a monster on 8 wheels so I can move it around but solid as a rock.



A single one of these is perfectly sized for an XL.


That is an awesome setup, I like the mods you’ve done to your machine too.

Also sweet workshop!

@moakley8 do you mean a table you can fold away vertically while you’re not using it? like these (just from a quick google search)?


Or a video here



Hope this gives you some inspiration!

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Another cost effective solution in addition to a solid table would be incorporating vibration damping mounts. They have sandwich style mounts as well. Pick your flavor.

Search ‘vibration-damping mounts’
idk why the link wasn’t working

I had a similar issue (using a cheap rack as my table) and have found $25 in (4) mounts have really toned down some of the vibration and harmonics from the movements. Well worth the purchase.

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