Work station for Pro 5 4x4


Just waiting for machine


Just got my shipment order for my Shapeoki 5. This looks like the Rockler Rock-Steady Shop Stand. Is that what it is? What did you use for tops?

Bought the 64x64 Kreg table and painted it black to match the other Rockler rock-steady stands in the shop. Added additional support 2x4s for top and shelf. Used 3/4 MDF for both top and shelf. Added chamfer on top only to relieve sharp edge.


Did you have any stability issues with the wheels?

Mine racks from side to side due to the weight of the machine.

No, but we added a bottom shelf and loaded it with hardwood cutoffs. table even on casters very heavy to move.

So you have no racking issues? Mine seems to rack back and forth during the “hello world” test. Going to try and more bracing I guess.

no movement of any significance

@Grump, I just built my 64x64 table frame today and shopping for the tabletop.

How did you secure the table top/ bottom shelf to the frame without the MDF chipping?

Also, did you glue your MDF pieces together or just rest them in place with the 2x4s securing the load underneath?

We reinforced with 2x4 milled down to fit in the channel.

No glue.

Drilled and countersunk some holes to screw to the 2x4’s.

Make sure seam is on top of one of the 2x4’s.

Then screwed from the bottom thru the holes that are already in frame of table.

That is it simple and very strong.

We use 3/4 mdf and it took 3 sheets.


@Grump Thanks!

Out of curiosity what leg setting did you use with the Kreg system? I have mine set at the highest setting with the casters and it almost seems too high to work with. I’m still a few weeks out from receiving my Shapeoko 5 and i think its going to be too tall at this height.

That is really dependent on your height and reach. I am short 5’4” so built my tabletop pretty low 33”. It is a great height for me to set the pieces and cleanup if needed.

I find myself having to get on my knees to change the bits and sometimes regret that decision. However, I can only reach about half way across my Pro XXL fro either side so if I went higher some things would be difficult. That reach could be improved by a step stool but that may be risky. It would be better to improve it by dropping a few pounds. :joy:

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I built my base and set it so the spoil board of the SO5 is the same height as my workbench which is 32". At 6’1" I can reach pretty much anywhere on the work surface and use my workbench as stock support if I use a full sheet of plywood. As for changing bits, I have a mechanics shop stool on wheels that I use when doing that.

I got 28" legs for my Rockler bench and use their feet. That puts the top height around 32" with my 1.5" thick top. At 5’8" I can reach the center of the wasteboard from all sides.

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Great idea as long as it doesn’t become something I constantly trip over.

I think they are at there lowest level. I am 5’10" I left it low for access to middle.

I keep an old office chair in front of the machine to change bits. ( sort of lazy but I’m getting older)



I dare someone to try this:

There are so many other things in my shop to trip over the stool isn’t even noticed. :wink: But I’m trying to be better organized.

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