Workaround for lack of long bladed (or non-tapered) endmills for cutthrough

I am trying to make a cut through in a piece of wood that has some tight corners. As such, I think I need at least a 3mm or smaller diamater endmill. The thickness of the wood is 9mm, but I am having a hard time finding endmills with 3mm below diamaters that a) have blade length of more than 9mm or b) not tapered. What could be a work around for this?

2 sided cut? Is it possible for your project to cut halfway through, flip and cut the rest of the way?


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If you can afford an additional 0.175mm of diameter, 1/8" endmills are available in long lengths — one of my favorites is the Garr long reach series:

This would be more than long enough to cut what you want:

1/16" long EM with 0.5" cutting length
3/32 long EM with 1.25" cutting length

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