Worked out how to make small box joints

Hi all,
Simple solution use VcarvePro to make small box joints on my Shapeoko.
3/32" fingers in 1/4" pin. Simple and worked great.


EDIT: Commercial

third-party software isn’t necessary, see:


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OpenScad and METAPOST aren’t third party software?

I once made a finger joint box similar in size to your sliding lid box. I had made it in request from a friend to store some heirloom necklaces that were in boxes. I took the project down to my neighbors house that taught building trades at the local high school. He pierced me to the bone when he asked me why I made a stash box. I was quite insulted that I made a nice box by request and he just saw a stash box.

Commercial third-party software (I’ve edited my post) — but neither of those programs is necessary — they were just useful tools to examine the design concept — there’s a .c2d file at:


Some people are clueless.

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