Workflow for multiple software?

Ideally I would like to use only 1 piece of software for this but meshcam can only export STLs which cant be imported into carbide create. So i have a bunch of stuff in meshcam. And I have a bunch of stuff done in carbide create. Should i run the carbide create portion and then rezero it and run meshcam on the other half of the part or is there some way to combine workflows from different programs with different bits ? for meshcam i am using a ball mill and the square mill for the carbide create portion.

You should be able to export from Carbide Create, import into MeshCAM and do all the CAM work there.

If not, just re-create what you have in Carbide Create in MeshCAM.

I use all kinds of programs when I create. My work flow quite often encompasses LibreCAD for 2D CAD, CamBam for 2-1/2D CAM, FreeCAD or AutoDesk Inventor for 3D CAD and MeshCAM for 3D CAM.

I often use a combination of all these programs on the same project.

The key is to maintain the same machine zero position and part orientation in all of them.

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how do i export it into meshcam ? the only option i see is to create c2d files.

Check w/ about having Carbide Motion export.

I work with Solidworks then use the HSMWorks plugin CAM solution. One stop software that exports in GRBL.
Not had a single issue once I got the tooling mapped out.

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