Workflow-jpeg to 3D Relief

Looking for some recommendations for workflow to turn a simple jpeg image into a grayscale image which can be used for 3d relief carving.

See the thread here.

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Do you have Carbide Create pro, it will import PNG and JPG into the modeling tool to make 3D images. You can also make you own from scratch.

$125 ish per year.

I have some youtube videos on how it works. Channel is Stephen k cox.

You can see if this is what your looking for.

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The problem is, very few images have a direct mapping between dark/light and height/depth — if you have such an image, it will make a model as expected — if you don’t, you will be better served by:

If you have a suitable pixel image, then w/ a Pro license just use:

Import Image (second icon from the left)

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