Workflow Process Question

So I am a proud new owner of the Shapeoko Pro xxl and just finished setting it up and watching videos but still have a basic workflow question.

I’m transitioning over from a hobbyist level machine where my workflow was in Carveco or Easel and GCODE using UGS for control.

I have the Pro with Bittsetter and also purchased bit zero v2. I’m confused on a basic workflow/setup with these systems. For starters, contrary to many, I use/set z zero height to spoilboard/bottom of material so my profile cuts don’t cut into spoilboard.

So I am about to just do the coaster tutorial cut, but confused on what the work process is. Home the machine, jog to set x/y zero, but where does the bit setter and z zero come into this process?

Check out for lots of good tutorial videos

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You would use the BitZero to set the origin at the corner of your rectangular stock — that will set X, Y, and Z — then, if you want the origin at the bottom of the stock, reposition the BitZero and reprove for Z only.

The BitSetter will only come into play if you have multiple tools in a single file, or if you are probing w/ a probing pin, then switching to the tool — many folks who are doing work w/ a single tool will disable it.

one of the major confusions I have is the bit zero states to use the “metal dowel pin” provided. But then you have to change out the dowel for the actual bit. So I am messing with z zero but putting a new bit in and how is the machine figuring out the actual z zero after the bit/dowel swap?


If you have the BitSetter, use it to manage the tool change.

If you don’t, if need be reposition the BitZero and reprobe for only Z.

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ok that’s the part i was missing. Thank you.

This does a good job helping with work flow: