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Hi guys, I would like to ask what do you think about the way I clamped my material


Do you think there is something else I can do in order to improve this clamping system?
Do you think I’m using a lot of clamps?
Do you think I need more X & Y clamps or Z clamps? (the ones on the corners)
Is there something dangerous about this clamping system? (I’m using the left inferior corner marked with a pencil as the zero in order to avoid collision with the Z clamps)

To be honest, to me it looks to be a little overkill.
You may look into a corner or X Y rails.
If you feel you need something more, add carpet tape under your work. I use this from time to time when I do not want to use tabs.
I’ll be watching this post to see what other have to say.


Overkill can be a good thing. If you get a little slip on the material your whole project could be ruined. If you have the clamps use them. I would not trust just corner clamps. I have the same cam clamps (myers) and they work very well. Nothing wrong with a belt and suspenders if you dont want your pants to fall down.

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I’ll comment that your strap clamps (vertical ones) are less than they appear to be. First of all, the grain of the wood appears to be running along the width of the clamps, so they are weaker in the long direction. Secondly, the screw down point is very close to the outside end as opposed to the working end, so leverage is against you (whatever force your screws are providing, the majority of that will be on the non-working end, and only a minority of that will be on the work piece). Third point: I can’t exactly tell from the pictures, but the best clamp orientation is with a downward angle or flat to the work piece (if they have an upward angle, the clamps themselves are pushing the work piece away).

Whether all that is relevant or not depends on how aggressive you are with the cutting forces. I don’t disapprove of using side clamps with top clamps. Using 3(!) MDF clamps on one side I’d imagine is good for not marring the work piece.

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Thanks for your advice.

Yes, I just found this too. There is a lot to learn.

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